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Sneak Peek into Vulgar Colors 2018

I'll be brief.

Elaborations shall speak through display of work.

This doesn't mean my pen game doesn't work;

I'd prefer to keep them to their reserve list for this one.

Shall we begin?

Let's finger stroll.

Remember, 2018 shining bright.

Word is bond.

Throwing Oneself Roses

1. Visual Game is on the Come Up

Aesthetically comprising a collage-based focus on repetition, shapes and patterns, our designs are suitable for the abstract visionary enthusiast. If intrigued, designs are available for entertainment commercial use, passion projects, cover art. Are you an artist, manage talent and have an idea and want to collaborate, send us a line.

2. No. 1 Continued

Multi-media stake's is high. Can you blame us?

3. From Following the Talent to Becoming the Talent

It takes a strong stomach, innumerable experiences, a head full of questions and concerns, and determination to discover one's passion worth building a life from. More important than the discovery moment is the act of making moves in a fundamental clockwork method that allows oneself to accomplish goals. No longer settling for a tight knit corner seat in music journalism; we're sharpening our skills in media communications, transforming into sound designers, taking on artist promotions while expanding the vision that drives Vulgar Colors. Don't misinterpret this as I'm no longer writing about the art. The art will always be here. I've got to explore my depths before praising another's.

Black Love Festival NYC

4. Black Love Festival New York 2018

No hype needed -- The first annual Black Love Festival held on Sunday, July 9th, 2017 on the rooftop of the Brooklyn Children's Museum, was a debut Vulgar Colors enjoyed being apart as hostess because it was unexpected in the most brilliant way, like the way the most illuminant light can shine gloriously bright. Bundles of families rolled in packs as they maneuvered through various styles of pop-up shops, cute eatery options, and a lineup with Houston artist, Fat Tony, as headliner. In fact, a good 1/4 of the bill were from the lonestar state's trill city. A second round will occur this summer 2018. For more, check out

5. Tight Content

In 2018, the Vulgar Colors brand is creating content that places a strain on celebrating life through music, culture delving and art. Whether any audiences come across a short story written by us or captured through a lens' perspective, or catch us setting a LES stage ablaze during a Blanca Negra set, WE'LL NEVER GIVE YOU WACK SHIT. WE VALUE TASTEFUL, AUTHENTIC COMPONENTS OF THE CULTURE.

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