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Vulgar Colors is an independent music consortium that navigates as a multimedia platform. We have play in the coordination of showcases, workshops, the New York Black Love Festival; we're musicians;

we provide promotional and branding services for talent; and there are three magazine issues on our records. Check us if you need a lead in creative direction with artistic developments. 

Vulgar Colors started double-penetrating New York's music and journalism communities in 2014. While launching the premiere issue featuring Kooley High's Charlie Smarts and Ill Digitz, the vulgar marking also took place in curating bi-weekly DJ series. Since our debut, Vulgar Colors has collaborated on hip hop showcases with artists such as Donwill, Dash  Speaks, Sucio Smash; and brands GrungeCake, 

MobilexKitchen and ON THE LAM. founder, Cheeba Cruz, has been interviewed by BRIC TV, Bar Talk Radio, Tea and Converse Podcast, and has spoken as a discussion panelist hosted by the Brooklyn Arts Council. There's a thin line between print and public relations, so we've provided branding and marketing services for High Water Music record label and the Underground Producers Alliance, an intimate sound design and production school led by legendary mentors in the industry. 


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